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A List of Chai-waii Differences

I’m not sure what happens when we land on this small piece of land in the middle of the Pacific, but something definitely shifts. None of us is the same. Here’s a list of how life on Island is somewhat different than mainland living: 1)      Crawl into bed near midnight 2)      Wake up at dawn, [...]

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A Dolphin Sunset Studded Birthday

Friday night was my son’s last evening as a three-year-old. He reminded his sister, dad, and me of this fact more than 50 times, lest we forget. At dawn the next day, he roused the roosters, shot straight out of bed, and crowed at the top of his lungs: “I’m foooour! I’mmmmmm fooour!”  (If it [...]

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Love, Turtle Beach!

There’s a spot off the edge of the Makena shoreline called Turtle Town. This infamous tourist destination is splashed on marketing brochures across the island. They promise that if you wake up at dawn, dress in layers and sunscreen, and race 40 minutes to an overcrowded dock full of people, you might during the daylong [...]

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July Fourth Parade in Paniolo Country

The four of us rushed up the side of Haleakala on a two-way road toward the Makawao Town July 4th parade. This town is cowboy country. In Hawaiian, cowboys are called paniolos. Makawao is only one-block long, but it’s dripping with red, white, and blue flags, banners, clothes, and cars. The parade began at 9 [...]

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North Shore Rainbow of Welcome

We’re a week into living on the North Shore of Maui. The small surf town we call home is just on the edge of lush fauna and hosts the last gas station for many miles. People from all over the world drive through Paia Town’s crossroads. They stop to buy souvenirs, brown bag lunches, freshly [...]

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South Shore’s Sand and Salt

We spent the first two weeks on Maui unplugged from our mainland lives. We vacationed on the south shore, which is lined with one breathtaking white sand beach after another. We spent a little extra cash on our condo so that we would have a view of the Pacific, complete with a foreground of silhouetted [...]

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